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Primary Curriculum

When children begin Primary, they commence the British National Curriculum for Year 1.  This is a broad and balanced curriculum which is enhanced by UAE compulsory subjects of Arabic, Islamic Education, (for Muslim students), UAE Social Studies and Moral Education. Our holistic approach means that much of our curriculum is taught linked to a theme, with discrete subject lessons where appropriate. This helps provide useful and enjoyable contexts for learning, allowing children to make connections across different areas of study.

To ensure this broad education in the primary years, subjects covered develop academic, aesthetic and personal attributes.  These include the four UAE compulsory subjects plus English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Art, Computing, Music and PE. Specialist teachers deliver Arabic, Islamic Education, Computing, Music and PE.  Arabic language and Islamic Education are taught in Primary Schools in Dubai from Year 1 to Year 6; UAE Social Studies and Moral Education (MEP) are taught from Year 2 to Year 6.

To ensure we offer our students the most relevant curriculum to meet their needs, Urdu is an optional subject available from Year 4 onwards.  Students who do not study Urdu are offered English Literature lessons.

UAE Social Studies and MEP are integrated into our topics to make learning meaningful and connected to other subjects.  Both subjects aim to give children a sense of their own personal development and values as an individual and also knowledge and understanding of their local context within the UAE and, as they progress through Primary, an increasing awareness of wider, global perspectives.   These subjects are also linked to our History and Geography curricula.  We use the umbrella term Perspectives for these four subjects.  This thematic delivery provides continuity of approach through to Secondary.

We encourage our children to see learning as a life-long venture and help support them in developing some key skills to help them become independent and successful learners.  This is delivered through the ‘SECRET’ initiative which introduces and develops skills such as being self-managers and effective participants: the S and E!

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