British Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

Arab Unity School provides a British-style education based upon the framework of the National Curriculum for England.   Our holistic approach to education fosters respect, tolerance and understanding and encourages each child to develop the knowledge, skills and aptitudes that will allow them to adapt and succeed in a world which is rapidly changing.

The school offers a secure and safe environment where children gain skills in academic, social and aesthetic fields.  We emphasise the development of the individual but also encourage students to see themselves as valued and productive members of our school and the wider community.

Across all phases of the school, we enrich our curriculum by way of: 

  • Educational visits which support and extend in-class study;
  • Community involvement where we can access expertise to enhance students’ experiences, visiting speakers, Dubai Policeparticipation in community events and initiatives. 

At AUS we currently offer places from Foundation Stage Two.

As we follow the English National Curriculum at AUS, our programmes of study lead towards the statutory associated English National Curriculum assessments.  Therefore, in primary we use Year 1 Phonics and Year 6 SATs and in secondary, IGCSE (Cambridge) and A Level.


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Early Years

Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.  

EYFS includes FS2 for children aged 4 (Sep 2016 – Aug 2017).

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Primary School

KS1 & KS2

When children begin Primary, they commence the British National Curriculum for Year 1.  This is a broad and balanced curriculum which is enhanced by UAE compulsory subjects of Arabic, Islamic Education, (for Muslim students), UAE Social Studies and Moral Education. 

Primary school runs from Year 1-Year 6 for children aged 5-11.

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Secondary School

KS3 & KS4

When children begin Secondary, they continue to follow the National Curriculum of England, supplemented by the UAE compulsory subjects of Arabic, Islamic Education, (for Muslim students) and Moral, Social and Cultural Studies. Physical Education, Computing, Art and Languages (Urdu/French) are other compulsory subjects. The curriculum is broad and balanced for students of all abilities and nationalities.

Secondary school runs from Year 7-Year 11 for children aged 11-16.


Sixth Form


Sixth Form at Arab Unity School provides great opportunities for students to move forward in the way they learn, take up new challenges and look to the future.

Sixth Form is available for children in Year 12 and Year 13, age 17-18.

UAE Compulsory Subjects

All students from Year 1 learn Arabic language and Muslim children follow a course of study in Islamic Education.  Both of these subjects are taught in Arabic to children for whom this is their first language (as directed by UAE regulations) and in English for all other students.   In each subject, we follow the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education.  Arabic and Islamic Education are compulsory as follows:

  • Arabic A – First Language:       Year 1 – Year 12
  • Arabic B – Second Language: Year 1 – Year 9  (Currently offered to Year 12)
  • Islamic Studies A  – taught in Arabic:  Year 1 – Year 12
  • Islamic Studies B – taught in English: Year 1 – Year 12

UAE Social Studies is a compulsory subject for all students in Year 2 – Year 10. The aim is to provide students with in-depth knowledge, skills and understanding of history, geography and civics, which emphasise the links and relationships between diverse groups, people, science and society. Students will contribute, as responsible citizens and residents of the UAE, to the building of a strong, cohesive and successful society that is inclusive of all, while preserving the UAE culture, heritage and traditions.

The main curricular themes are:

  • Emirati History
  • Emirati Significant People
  • Emirati Geography
  • My Community
  • Culture and Heritage
  • UAE and the World

The Programme will help students gain a deeper appreciation of the context in which they live here in the UAE and also a wider, global understanding.

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