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Introduction to Curriculum

As students progress through to our Secondary School, internal liaison between the Primary and Secondary Schools makes this transition smooth and natural.

We continue to follow the National Curriculum of England, supplemented by the UAE compulsory subjects of Arabic, Islamic Education, (for Muslim students) and Moral, Social and Cultural Studies. Physical Education, Computing, Art and Languages (Urdu/French) are other compulsory subjects. The curriculum is broad and balanced for students of all abilities and nationalities.

English and Mathematics curricula taught in early Key Stage 3 include all necessary components which are required to build a strong foundation for the discrete streams as First Language English or English as Second language, Literature in English and Core or Extended Mathematics when the students enter their IGCSE courses.

Students study General Science in Years 7 and 8 which includes elements of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

All students in Year 7 to 9 study Computing as one of the compulsory subjects. Information and Communication Technology is a compulsory subject offered in year 10 till end of year 11 with a choice of Computer Science to our more abled students.

Arabic language is one of the compulsory subjects in our Secondary School curriculum. Students study Arabic First Language or Additional Language as per their nationalities. Islamic Studies is a compulsory subject for all Muslim students. This too is taught as Islamic Arabic and Islamic English. Value Education is offered to all non-Muslim students, a subject that has close conceptual links with the themes taught in Islamic Studies, not with a religious perspective but with a UAE cultural and Social values at its base.

Moral, Social and Cultural Studies is taught in line with the guidelines, curriculum overviews and resources provided by the Ministry of Education.

Moral, Social and Cultural Studies is taught in line with the guidelines, curriculum overviews and resources provided by the Ministry of Education.

A choice of three subjects Urdu/French/Mini Business Studies is offered as one of the compulsory subjects in Year 7 and 8 which enables students to familiarise themselves with the basics of these subjects and helps them decide on their interest and aptitude to choose their optional subjects at the end of Year 8.

In our school we commence the IGCSE course in Year 9 in order to provide the students three academic years to study and to prepare well for the final exams at the end of Year 11. The compulsory subjects are English, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Physics/Combined Science, Information and Communication Technology/Computer Science, Moral, Social and Cultural Studies and Physical Education. The IGCSE optional subjects offered to students cover a wide range in order to enable students to select combination of these subjects that not only leads to a cohesive pathway for their higher studies but also keeps opportunities available to join another relevant stream as they move onto the Sixth Form or any universities. The subject choices are aligned with the latest admission requirements and equivalency regulations in universities in general.

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