8:15 to 2:45 from Monday to Thursday, 8:15 to 11:00 on Friday and 8:15 to 12:15 on Saturday
7:30 to 1:30 from Monday to Thursday and 7:30 to 11:30 on Friday. Bus leaves at 1:40 (Mon – Thu) and 11:40 (Friday) respectively. Own transport gates open at 1:50 (Mon – Thu)and 11:45 (Friday) respectively.
Arrangements can be made with the Finance Manager regarding payment plans.
No, we do not have any sort of discounts

You can either drop your CV off at the reception or send it to cv@arabunityschool.ae

No, transport is only available both ways
We have recently stopped school visits and are preparing virtual material to replace it soon.
The demographic of the students is mixed with nationalities from Pakistan, India, U.A.E and other Arab countries, Sri Lanka, and a small percentage of Europeans as well. The Heads of Schools are mainly from Western Countries.
First step is to complete the online application from the school website. Once it is done you will receive an email within 2 weeks from the admission department regarding the next step which is an assessment test.
No, there is no specific portion for the tests. It is just to understand if they know general topics and basics of what they have studied up until now. For FS-2 there is no test. It is just a playdate with the teacher.
Language choices are unique to the Year group. More information can be obtained once the admission department gets in touch with you.
It starts in August once the results are published

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