Panasonic TS2 Vs TS3 Golf Driver Comparison

Comparing the TS2 to the TS3 by their weight and dimensions. The TS2 offers a greater flexibility in weight that is also easier to carry. T3 utilizes magnetic components as well as a moveable weight technology. The TS2 could be larger and more difficult to grip. The TS3 can be used at a wider range of speeds , and it is also more adaptable.


The TS3 is slightly slower in spin, as well as longer drives. The TS2 is less noisy, however, the TS3 offers a better feeling and is clear in its feedback. If however, you’re searching for a high-performance driver, the TS3 is the better choice. It’s an ideal choice for many players.

TS2 or TS3 are both effective in the broad range of strokes, despite their differences. It is up to you to decide which one is best for you. If you’re looking for the top golfer, try to find something that is able to combine the best qualities of the two. In this instance, the TS3 could be the best choice. If you want to maximize performance, it is recommended to aim at a balance of both.

Although the TS2 has a faster launch time than the TS3 It is also less flexible. However, if accuracy is what you are looking for, the TS3 is the better choice. The TS2 offers less forgiveness and the MOI is higher than the TS2. Both are great options that are perfect for players who enjoy golf.

The most well-known of both is the one called ts2. The ts2 is more expensive and has an extra driver in the TS3 style. Though the Int4’s driver is higher energy than the ts3 and is more stable, it’s still less solid. The driver on the ts3 has a faster speed and is more stable than Int4. If you’re in search of an easier to customize club then opt for the ts3’s lighter weight.


The TS3 is more accommodating in its appearance. The TS2 is smaller and forgiving, but the T3 is more efficient. The weight-fixed T3 is lighter and more forgiving. Additionally, it has a TS3 application for Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Phone 8. The TS3 app measures the number of users it has and it adds the times to the TS3’s local database. The adjustable weight of the TS3 allows users to modify the TS3 more comfortable for your hands.

TS3 can be downloaded on Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 Mobile. It can be set to a weight that is adjustable. The TS3 is more flexible although it’s still not as strong as the TS2. Both have the same features. But a TS2 is generally better suited to multitasking. It’s the T3 is the best option of the two. Its physics are similar However, the TS3 is more manageable swing.

Each comes with strengths and weaknesses. TS2 is faster than TS3 and is more powerful as well as more launch. Even though it is slightly faster in terms of launch, the TS3 is more sluggish. Both can be used for golf. The TS3 is superior to its predecessor, however it’s worth buying the TS3 if you’re looking for better launch and longer drives. This makes it a smart option for golfers.


Each hybrid has its pros and cons. The TS2 hybrids offer more forgiveness as well as the ability to propel the ball higher. The TS3 hybrid has less spin than the TS2, which makes it more suitable if you’re searching for a hybrid that has lower spin. Apart from being more forgiving, TS3s also have a smaller head size that the FS2. The TS3 is ideal for people playing long distance golf.

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