Notes from Primary Orientation Meetings – September 2019

Homework – this will be uploaded to the portal each week on a Thursday by approximately 2pm. It will be due back in school the following week on Wednesday. Arabic & Islamic books must come to school daily. Any issues with portal log-in, please contact Manisha@arabunityschool.com

Weekly review and Letter from Head of Primary – along with the HW you will receive an update on what has been covered in class and a letter from Miss Dani, Head of Primary, every Thursday (again, on the parent portal).

Education City – we subscribe to this online learning site that directly relates to your child’s curriculum. Your log-in is your child’s ID number and the password is AUS2016. Teachers will set regular HW from this site but you can also use it to support your child by logging in, selecting the correct Year Group tab on the left hand column then choosing a subject you wish to support. In each subject you will find classwork / activities which directly relate to the weekly review teachers are giving you on the portal each Thursday. This is a very valuable learning tool to help you help your child.

Asafeer – all our children also have the option to subscribe to ASAFEER, an online Arabic reading programme. To help your child make optimum progress, please follow these instructions and allow them to read the texts sent each week with HW. Many parents reported that they also were able to improve their Arabic alongside their kids using this programme. Log-ins will be sent home this week in your child’s diary.

Story Books – new for this year, we are introducing reading boxes in all Primary classes where children will be able to borrow a reading book each week. This will be available to all children who have paid for the reading books when buying the school text books this academic year. If you wish your child to be included in this scheme, please ensure your payment has been made to the bookstore. First books will be sent home week beginning October 6th. Each book will be borrowed for 1 week and a new book can only be taken when the old one is returned. The schedule for this is as follows:

Yr 1 – Sunday

Yr 2 – Monday

Yr 3 – Tuesday

Yr 4 – Wednesdays

Books must be returned the same day the following week and can only be borrowed / returned on the correct day.

Yr 5 and 6 books have not arrived in school yet so they will focus on comprehension and I will notify you when these books arrive and become available.

Wheelie Bags – children from Yrs 1 – 4 must stop using wheelie bags COMPLETELY from October 1st, 2019.  Children in Yrs 5 and 6 we will inform you when bookshelves are ready and then wheelie bags will also be stopped. This was informed before the summer break and we request your full co-operation on this matter.

Class Groupings – we are an inclusive school and all our classes have children working at different levels. Not every child can be a topper but every child can give 100% effort! Within every class students will cover specific Learning Objectives at different levels thus giving maximum access to all students. All children should then be able to access internal and external assessments with no disadvantages – differences in outcome being a reflection of the child’s ability and effort combined.

Technology Developments – all Primary classrooms now have new projectors, we have research rooms in our libraries from Yr 2 upwards with computers, new iPads and new non-fiction materials linked to the curriculum. We are aiming to raise the profile of independent research and use of technology for learning across the Primary section and we hope you will support these initiatives to support your child’s learning in the 21st Century.

If your child is absent – please do not email us if your child is absent. Just send a note in the diary when s/he returns to school. One day can be approved medical without a doctor’s leave certificate but longer will require a certificate please. NB – your child is either in school and therefore learning or they are absent and therefore not learning; whether approved or medical makes little difference to their attendance grade. Attendance should be between 94 – 96% to avoid concerns. Promotion MAY be affected by poor attendance levels – this is particularly relevant at the start and end of terms.

My main focus this year is to continue to raise the quality of teaching and learning in all classes across Primary (Yrs 1 – 6).  I do this because it is the best way to secure a brighter future for your children, my students. I need to spend my time working with teachers and children to make lessons inspirational and challenging. The bast way for me (and my deputies) to do this is to have uninterrupted / focused time in classes.  If you need to speak to any of us, PLEASE do not just turn up in school without an appointment … use the dairy, request an appointment and we will do our best to see you as soon as possible. It often feels very rude when a parent wants to meet one of us and we are scheduled to be with another parent or in a meeting etc. but you would not visit a doctor or dentist without an appointment and we need you to understand that our time developing learning is crucial for all students.  We love to see you but we must insist on appointments being made.

Our direct contact details are on the back of your child’s diary.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps,

Miss Dani

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