Eid Holiday

Circular No. AUS/164/18-19                                                                 Tuesday 28th May, 2019 (sent by email)

Dear Parent,

Eid Holiday

We have now had official confirmation that school will be closed for the Eid al Fitr Holiday for the whole of next week.  Of course, A Level and IGCSE examinations will continue as scheduled.

GL Assessments

These assessments have been going on for the month of May and are important assessments for us to understand how your child is developing in English, Maths and (for most students) Science.  These assessments will conclude this Thursday, including mop-up tests for anyone who has missed them earlier in the month.  Please make sure that your child is in school on Wednesday and Thursday, especially if they have been absent at all in May, so that we have a full set of results for everyone.

Annual Internal Assessments and Final Reports

The GL Assessments are international tests, used by school and the UAE to measure children against world standards.  We also have Annual Internal Assessments, set and marked in school, to assess your child’s work over the year in class.  These Internal Assessments are already underway in FS and Primary, including Phonic Screening, and will continue through June.  Secondary assessments are also timetabled for June so it is important that all children continue to attend through until the end of Term on 4th July.

·FS students will finish one week earlier than everyone else on Thursday 27th June.  Their Reports will be published on that day.

·Years 1-6 Reports will be published on Thursday 4th July.

·Years 7 and 8 will have a PTM from 12 noon on Tuesday 2nd July, so their Reports will be published earlier that week.

·Years 9 and 10 will have a PTM from 12noon on Wednesday 3rd July, so their Reports will also be published earlier that week.


Prizes will be awarded on Monday 1st July to children in Years 3-10 for Outstanding Performance in the Internal Examinations, and to those who may not be Academic Toppers but who have demonstrated Outstanding Effort and Improvement over this Academic Year.  Naturally, if your child is to be eligible to win a prize, they must complete all of the assessments and be at school until the end of the year.

IGCSE and A Level Awards will be made in September, after the results are published in August.

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