Dispersal Arrangements Years 1-6

Circular No.AUS/004/19-20                                                                         10th September, 2019




Dear Parents,


         Dispersal Arrangements Years 1-6


We would like to remind you of the Primary dispersal arrangements as noted in Ms Dani’s ‘Welcome Back to Primary’ letter sent to all parents and uploaded to the portal last Thursday,               September 5th 2019.    Thank you to all parents who have read and taken note of the procedures and some who have suggested areas for further improvement.  Please note all information below.


The school day ends at 2pm.  Bus children will be escorted to buses with staff before parents are permitted to enter to collect own transport children.


·         YEAR 1  :  own transport children will be collected from the ground floor of the Y1 block.

·         YEARS 2 – 4:  own transport children will be collected from the Music Room in the main Primary block.

·         YEARS 5 – 6 :  will be allowed to leave independently.

Parents of children in Years 1 – 4 are strongly reminded that they MUST collect their children as noted above.  It is now NOT PERMITTED for older siblings to collect children in Years 1 -4.   We ask that you understand that this is for the safety of all children to ensure they are collected by a responsible adult.


We have changed our procedure for Y1 – 4 because we have had too many instances where older siblings collect young children but then do not supervise them properly.  This has been an on-going safety concern.


As always, procedures are reviewed to ensure we keep our children safe.  We look forward to your cooperation with this new request for Y1 – 4 which applies to all families without exception.


We will be implementing separate entrance gate and queue areas for ladies and men who are waiting to collect children in Y2 – 4 in the main Primary block.   (Gate 2 side only.)   Please respect all parents and do not push to enter the building.


Please also note that the only entrance to the Primary block is via the front main door.  Under no circumstances should parents attempt to enter by any other door.  Again, this is to ensure a constant flow at pick up time and maintain safety for you and your children.






Leonard Murphy


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