FS2 Library

The FS Library is a great hub for our beginner readers where we aim to support the development of a love for reading in our young learners.  Each class has a timetabled session which is led by our library teacher.

During our weekly library times, children have the opportunity to select from a range of activities linked to developing their reading skills.  These activities are carefully planned by the library teacher and supported by the class teacher to ensure that it meets the needs of each student.

The library has a range of leveled readers, appropriate non-fiction texts, phonics activities, word games, and an interactive board, all of which are used to further reinforce their developing reading skills.

You can support your child at home by giving time to make share stories with your child an enjoyable experience and encouraging them to re-tell the story to you in their own words, using picture clues to help.

Primary Library

We have three dedicated libraries in Primary, as well as three dedicated reading rooms (one for Arabic books).

Year 1 children have their own library with age-appropriate texts, phonics puzzles, games and activities to help them in the early stages of reading.  During the Yr 1 library times each week, children have the freedom to select which activity they wish to enjoy. They also share a story with the teacher which aims to foster a positive attitude to reading.

The Years 2 – 4 library in the Primary Block has the benefit of a dedicated librarian who helps the children further develop a love of reading.  We have a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and the children enjoy choosing what they will read, often sharing a text with their peers.

Our Year 5 and 6 children use the library in the Secondary Block; here the books are aimed at more confident readers.  Again, there are both fiction and non-fiction as well as research materials. Visits to this library are timetabled and children are also able to visit through choice during break times.

In addition, we now also have two reading rooms full of graded reading materials to support Guided Reading in English.  This is a method of reading whereby a small group within the class will focus on a given text with the teacher.  Guided Reading is a weekly focus in all classes from Years 1 – 6.  We also have a similar reading programme of Arabic reading books in our third reading room.  Children either read texts which support learning across the curriculum or leveled texts which can support a positive reading ethos and deepen comprehension of text.

At Arab Unity School, we are committed to developing reading across all subjects.  We use phonics to help children decode words in the early years, later adding strategies for them to understand unfamiliar texts and deepen comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction.  We strive to provide high-quality, engaging reading materials in both English and Arabic which will engage the children. 

Secondary Library

The spacious and well equipped Secondary library is situated in the Taher Hall Building.  It is available for use by students and staff in Years 5 – 11 and has a full time librarian.

The library is well resourced with documents/materials including curriculum based books, reference books, teachers’ resources, fiction and non-fiction materials and CDs. The library is a spacious room with separate reading places for boys and girls; desktop computers are also available with internet connections for their research work.

The library has displays of weekly theme based documents and new arrivals to promote and encourage reading among students. Students and teachers are entitled to borrow resources from the library for a specific time period.  As well as being a reading and research resource, teachers may bring classes to the library if this is useful to support learning in any particular lesson.  Students may also visit the library during the break time for reference, research and issue of books.

Sixth Form Library

Sixth Form library is used as an Information Research Centre that helps students access resources easily. The library houses a wide range of books from reference sources, coursework books as well as both fiction and non-fiction materials and CDs.   There are desk top computers with a LAN connection, enabling students to use the Internet whenever needed, especially during their Independent Study Time.

Sixth Form students are allocated two Independent Study periods a week, providing opportunities to explore subjects in more depth and to develop independent learning which could be in the form of reading, researching or progressing assignments set by teachers.

Students are provided with worksheets and tasks based on their curriculum and extended research topics each week on specific subjects.  They utilise the facilities in the library to carry out independent study and research individually or in groups.   This is facilitated by specific seating arrangements in the library.

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