Dubai Refreshment Company Visit

On Thursday, 21st of November 2019, the business students of sixth form got a great opportunity of witnessing the core operations taking place in the Dubai refreshments company.

The pupils with excitement boarded the bus by 8:45, and enjoyed a ride of over an hour to their destination. Their awaited destination was a ginormous factory with different blocks, each operating in the wide variety of products that were being produced. The whole lot of students were welcomed to a room and then divided into two groups to take a tour of the factory.

The students then started their tour with a tour guide instructing them with the safety precautions to be undertaken while visiting the production arena. They were given hair nets to secure long hair and high visibility vests to ensure that students could be recognised from a far, they were even required to sanitize their hands before entering the factory to ensure asepsis.

They started their journey with the production of bottles, where they witnessed flow production of plastic bottles. They saw how the bottles were washed in a sequence and then filled from their filtered water plant and then capped, all in a sequence without the production process being stopped. Furthermore, they got the chance to see how aluminium diet Pepsi soda cans were being produced in milliseconds and were barely visible due to the speed of production.

Moreover, their adventure continued when they got to step into the huge storage room holding all finished goods with all the different products from 7up to Lipton tea being produced.

The next site showed how the small test-tube looking bottle containers were converted into the traditional Pepsi drink bottles holding one of the most popular and consumed beverage in the world. The process of how those tiny containers were heated up and blown into, to be converted into the bottles that are sold in the supermarkets was observed by the students. The factory was using extensive machinery for the production of their products which could produce over 50000 bottles per hour. They got the chance to see the machinery in use, from the production of bottles to them being sent to the automatic stock counter. Everything in the factory was being done automatically through machines and no work was being done by labour. Labour was only being used to make sure everything was going smoothly.

This showed the technology change when compared to late 90s, and gave the students the chance to think into how factories are now capital intensive instead of labour intensive. Their enthusiastic journey ended with the staff presenting them with the board of directors and explaining the early history of the company. Complementary drinks were provided to the students as a souvenir to remember their amazing experience with the factory.  

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