Counselling Services

As a school community, we understand that pastoral wellbeing is the most important aspect of a pupil’s development and we recognise that for our pupils to thrive, they need to feel safe, fulfilled and above all happy. Our standards of pastoral care, led by the Head of Inclusion, ensure that each student, at each stage of school life, has the confidence to contribute and succeed. This is achieved through focused support sessions by the Counsellor, Head of Inclusion and members in the Senior Leadership Team.

Safeguarding of all children is of paramount importance throughout the school and parents are encouraged to speak to any member of the pastoral team about any matter of concern, however small, regarding the health and welfare of their child.

The pastoral and wellbeing care ensure the following areas are well supported:

  • Adjustment and settling to FS and other year groups for new students
  • Social/emotional development concerns and, including delays
  • Parental encouragement
  • Intervention sessions
  • Family intervention
  • Crisis management
  • Bullying
  • Behaviour Intervention Plan.
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