Careers Counsellors


The Career Counsellor ensures the provision of relevant programmes and services to help students enhance their academic skills, set clear career goals and achieve personal growth and career development. The services are student-friendly and responsive to the various career development needs of individual students.

Guidance Sessions

Group sessions for Years 8-10 students are organised. Guidance sessions help students identify their long- and short-term goals and equip them with knowledge of different careers available and schedule their time in order to achieve their goal.

A planned sequence of group guidance sessions is given to Year 11 and 12 students with focus on career exploration. University representatives, both local and international, are invited to make presentations to these students to help them better appreciate the post-secondary opportunities associated with their fields of interest. Specifically, the students receive information about the universities’ programmes, admission requirements, application processes, fee structures and scholarships offered. These sessions enable the students to gain a broader understanding of their chosen course and career, clarify their doubts and formulate a plan of action to pursue their career goals.

Career Advising

The Career Counsellor conducts one-on-one sessions to help students explore the options available and give better insights in their career-making decisions in accordance with their interest, abilities and orientations.

College Fairs

These are planned activities to help the students in their career exploration. College fairs offer an opportunity for students and their parents to meet with representatives from various colleges and universities (locally and international) and get first-hand information about their programmes and admission requirements.

Psychological Testing

Aptitude tests are conducted with students individually on an ‘as needs’ basis, helping them to recognise their personal areas of strength.

Assistance for College Applications for Grade 12 Students

Students are guided to the relevant course application procedures and course availability in different countries/universities and the required documentation is explained. Guidance is given on any external tests required for any particular course/university.

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