Anti-Bullying Week

Report on Anti-bullying week observation

Anti-bullying week was observed in secondary section and in sixth form by organizing activities such as special assembly, skit presentation, poster-making and parental workshop.

Bullying, long tolerated by many as a rite of passage into adulthood, is now recognized as a major and preventable public health problem, one that can have long-lasting consequences. These consequences-for those who are bullied and for the perpetrators -include poor school performance, anxiety, depression, and future delinquent and aggressive behaviour. Hence the major focus of our anti-bullying activities were to create awareness on the consequences of bullying, ways to overcome bullying and to make school a bully free zone.

Anti-bullying activities in sixth form:

Programmes started off by displaying poster with a strong message- ‘Stand Up and Unite against Bullying’ prepared as part of the event and displaying it across corridors and classrooms. Students also presented skit-enacting a scenario of bullying and strategies to avoid it. A special assembly was also organized by students with power-point presentations on ‘BULLYING’, debate on ‘Do you think social media contributes to bullying’, students sharing personal stories they witnessed or experienced, discussing the role of bystanders through a scenario and students’ discussion on about how they would react in said situation.

Anti-bullying activities in Secondary section:

Assembly by Secondary Counsellor on cyber-bullying. The aim of the session was to create awareness on the negative impact of cyberbullying. Special focus was given to the cybercrime law associated with cyberbullying in the UAE. Most of the students were aware of the laws but they were not aware of laws that prevail around juveniles. The session was followed by playing different scenarios of cyberbullying. This activity gave the student a realistic understanding of the concerns and prevailing law that surrounds cyber safety.

Parental workshop by DFWAC

DFWAC- Dubai Foundation for Women And Child, statutory body that provides immediate protection and support services in accordance with international human rights obligations, conducted a workshop for parents on 18th November 2019. Through group activities, parents were made aware about the social and psychological rights of a child, role of DFWAC in protecting child rights, various forms of child abuse and list of service providers in UAE to tackle the issues of child abuse.

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